Sunday, 21 September 2014

LADS day out - Silverstone and QPR

Hi guys!

So one thing you should know about me is that nowadays I am NOT sporty whatsoever, and my friends can confirm that I am even known to get out of breath when walking to school. However, I am more impartial to days out that involve observing sport! I thought I'd share my day out with you yesterday as there's a fair amount to talk about and there was PLENTY of photo opportunities. It was definitely a lads day out as such!

So first up was Silverstone! It was only a 20 minute drive away so not too far at all. My dad would be partaking in a thrill drive day that they had! It wasn't his first time, but this time he was far more nervous as he'd never done one of these thrill drives in a proper F1 type car! We waited around for a bit whilst my dad got registered. I had a huge soup craving as well and the cafe had everything but, sigh. We passed the time by listening to music, and me and my brother recreated the photo we'd taken at Silverstone four years prior!



So, we most definitely do not look like our twelve and thirteen year old selves, and my brother still pulls stupid faces in photos! Oh, and headphones are still intact. 

Anyway, the time had soon come and my dad and everyone else also taking part were readily getting in their cars and putting on the helmet that gives you guaranteed hat hair! It was really cool watching him drive at such a speed and waving at us each lap! He made it look so easy, although later admitted he nearly span off twice! Still, I didn't notice. One other driver wasn't quite so lucky as he did spin off. He turned out fine, just a bit shaken. Although apparently he had asked for a refund for the memory stick that films your drive but the people there were NOT impressed with this as he had caused around £5k of damage to the car! Still, at least he was okay and we'd had fun, despite the cold sweater weather!

That pic above is definitely my favourite from the day, me and my mum there with my dad pre-drive! The laddish day did not end after the drive, however. As QPR supporters, we decided to go down the pub and watch the QPR vs Stoke match down there, all in full kit! Luckily we did not get booed, haha. 2-2 the score was, so all in all not too bad a result.

Yay for family fun! Oh also, how could I not have enjoyed it when I had THIS to eat (not this exact one, I forgot to take a pic, but this was from a previous time, exact same meal though!). Chicken Tikka Masala is too good.

A brilliant weekend all in all, sport can be enjoyable sometimes! Hope you guys enjoyed, have you had a good weekend?

Jade xx


  1. Aw I used to love going here when I was little! It was like my dads second home! Looks like a great day! xx

    1. Aw that's awesome, it must be a dad thing haha, and yes it was fantastic, thank you!

      Jade x ♡

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    1. Aw thank you, yes I really did have a brilliant time! :D

      Jade x ♡

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    1. Aw, thank you lovely!! :)

      Jade x ♡