Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beautiful Food

Hi everyone,

So, my past couple of posts have been quite hefty so I thought I'd do a little fun one for a change, one that incorporates beauty and lifestyle! I'm going to show you guys my best FOOD related items that I own! Food and make-up?! Pretty much a girls dream!

So without further ado...

Ooh these bath bombs are so cool! The set actually comes with five but I've taken the two food-related ones out for you guys. These being a glittery pink gingerbread man bath bomb and a white and pink cake bath bomb... that actually looks good enough to eat. The packaging looks so nice as well with the candy cane design and red ribbon wrapped around it. I actually got these as a gift but I've managed to track them down on Amazon for £10.99 and they're called Bomb Cosmetics Candy Land Gift Pack.

Decorated with the cake motifs, this had to count! The Pampery products are decorated with such cute dot patterns and pastel colours! Again, I got this as a gift, so I've been doing pretty well with food related gift sets in my life! The gift set came with a Body Lotion, Cream Bath, Bath Sprinkles and Bath Fizzer. The body lotion is heavenly as it smells of cupcakes and the Cream Bath produced so many bubbles which made for a top bubble bath! I'm yet to use the bath fizzer and bath sprinkles but am very much looking forward to doing so in the future, I may even review the whole thing properly in the future if people are interested. As I got this as a gift I don't quite know where this came from but the brand is exclusive to ASDA and some people seem to be getting their The Pampery stuff in Wilkos too. Also, I've seen some of their products floating around on eBay if you feel like giving them a try!

How cute are these? As pre-teen/young teenage girls, me and my best friend used to shop at Claire's Accessories ALL the time! She bought me these and they're so cute! This seems to be a recurring pattern, that food products are always so cute! The thing I find coolest about these is the little swirly ice cream lids! The three I have are cherry, strawberry and lemon and they produce quite a thin layer of balm but they're not sticky or anything and do the job well. They don't really have the strongest scent either which I was expecting them to. You can find a three-pack of ice cream lip balm from Claire's Accessories (or their accompanying website) for £5.50!

Here's a few bits I found lying around too! Firstly, I own two of these 'Perfume Stix': a strawberry smoothie one and blueberry bubblegum one. I decided that they weren't really my thing and that I'd stick to perfume though, but they were nice enough to try. Just a bit too minimal, though. I can see why people would like perfume sticks though as they're very easy to carry around and disposable so you can keep topping yourself up throughout the day if you don't quite have enough room for a big bottle of perfume in your bag, they're just personally not for me. I don't think they make these particular ones anymore as they're pretty old and annoyingly I cannot remember where I originally got them from, but I had a look around for some 'copycat' ones in case anyone was interested and I managed to find out that Baroque do some good ones, and also AROMAS, too. 

I decided to include a little accessory in the picture too - it was originally a strawberry car air-freshner given to me by a friend that smelt SO good, and I decided to turn it into a keyring. That smell is unbeatable, literally just like strawberries. It's rubbery with a plastic bit on top and looks so nice amongst my other key rings! The fruit section of The Keyring Store is a must for really affordable and cute ones (!

Aside from beauty, I thought I'd also incorporate a bit of lifestyle into this. One thing I've been doing lately to store little things like hairbands or pens is using sweet tube tins that I've received as gifts. Firstly, I got the 'retro sweets' tin that actually doubles up as a money box also! It looks so cool with all the sweets as well as tapes and stickers such as '80's' or 'retro' on them. I also found that the Love Hearts tube I received for Christmas looked so cute that I didn't want to throw it away! Love Hearts have always been aesthetically pleasing sweets and the light blue tube with the red bow was just too pretty so a use of storage it became! They look so cute in amongst the other things on my desk.

This isn't exactly food but drink is the next best thing!! This is by far one of the coolest things in my room - a life size Coca-Cola money box! Yes I was a very dorky kid, at about 10 years old I wanted this as my main present because I thought it looked that cool and retro! (Maybe retro things in my room needs to be a new post one day?) But yeah I know mine was originally from eBay, and there are always some of them floating about on there.

....And these are pretty cool, too. ;)

So that's it for now guys! I really hope you enjoyed this as once again it was something a little bit different from the last couple of hefty lifestyle posts.

Comment below what your favourite product was from this post, your own favourite food related beauty products or we could even go all out and you could comment your favourite food!

Thanks guys!

Jade xx


  1. This is such a quirky idea!! I want one of those money boxes!! Haha


    1. Aw thank you, lovely! Had to find a way of incorporating the wonderful thing that is food. ;D The money box is so so cool, keep an eye out on eBay they do tend to pop up quite often!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

      Jade ♡

  2. Woo Macbook! I love my mac :) The massive coke bottle is awesome, I remember my parents had a massive whiskey bottle that they kept spare change in when I was younger.

    Corinne x

    1. Haha MacBooks are so good, literally cannot remember life without it! It really is awesome, they look so cool! Thank you for commenting :D

      Jade ♡

  3. I like the cupcake lipbalm it looks so sweet. Great post and keep up the good work.


    1. It really is, the packaging is so cute also! Thanks so much, lovely!

      Jade ♡