Saturday, 8 November 2014

Stellar Spanish Escapism

Hi everyone!

Well, I had been planning to create this mammoth blogpost for you all earlier on in the week after a brief absence, but turns out I was weighed down in schoolwork this week and constantly shattered, so it has come a bit later in the week than expected, but nevertheless, it is finally here! As you may or probably may not know, I went on holiday to Spain from 24th October - 1st November and it served as my 2014 holiday after not having one in the Summer holidays. We stayed in my great grandma's flat which is located in the town of Vilagarcia de Arousa in Galicia. A week with limited wifi but plenty of alternatives turned out to be a week of fun and pure joy and escapism, so I will take you all throughout the week of our travels in pictures and words in chronological order...

This was the hotel room, the trusty Premier Inn located right next to Stansted airport complete with gorgeous decor. We stayed in the bar in the first picture for most of the night which was a lovely experience, although I decided to pull an all-nighter as we'd be getting up at 3am, however, this turned out to be a HUGE mistake! 

This is what me running on absolutely ZERO sleep looks like! But yes THAT turned out to be a huge mistake as I kept feeling faint and couldn't eat anything. I fell asleep on the plane though so here we were in Spain at the airport in no time, me and my brother here pictured in the pesky waiting for baggage stage!

One hour later after the taxi ride and we were here at my great grandma's flat! I think it was about 11am in Spanish time here and I was hanging on for dear life without sleep as I had to go and see great grandma! She looks so cute here bless her, and my hair is looking very long which I approve of! Two minutes later I would crash from sleep deprivation. 

So, about seven hours later and we had all woken up after going straight to bed following a serious lack of sleep. We decided to spend the first night at Italian restaurant O Sole Mio and it was absolutely divine. Seriously, the pizza I had there was the most indescribably wonderful pizza I've ever tasted in my life, and that feeling seemed to be mutual between my family members. My brother and grandma even had the idiosyncratic Spaghetti Pizza which combined those two things! The atmosphere was wonderful, with people sitting outside as well. One thing about Spanish culture that you can easily pick up is that they eat considerably later than us English do, so we were out for dinner most nights at usually 8 or 9pm. But yes wonderful place, the music there as well was actually English and so chilled out - like Milky Chance or Mr Probz.

Afterwards we hit the pub the Hibernia (with actual WIFI, hallelujah!) and this turned out to be where we'd go most nights. As you can see from the top picture, we were LOADED with tapas and realised we'd have to work hard to stay in shape, as with every drink you ordered, you'd get two bowls of junk with it to eat, whether that be crisps or sweets. Every night I'd feel so incredibly full it was unreal!

Day 2 and more unhealthy food was on the agenda as you can see with Spanish McDonalds! We then spent the day at a nearby beach and the weather was remarkable for October! There was a LOT of walking involved to get here which compensated once again for the ridiculous amount of Tapas you get wherever you go!

Quality time with great grandma tends to round off most nights!

This was another beautiful beach we went to named Las Sinas, which we ended up visiting most days when the weather was scorching. There was also a bar on this beach too so drinks and tapas-a plenty once again!

A lot of time spent in the flat at night with my brother and great grandma = a lot of selfies!

...and on the balcony too!

More adventures at 'Las Sinas' and a hairdressers.... called ME!

The street shops and the LUSH ice cream/frozen yoghurt place!

Getting ready for the last night out! We headed back to O Sole Mio again because it was just TOO good. More pasta-orientated dishes this time.

Aaaaaand... pulling stupid faces about an hour before we were to head home for our night flight.

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures! Apologies for the sheer LENGTH of this post but I already cut it down believe it or not, and there were too many poignant moments to be concise about it! But yes it was just what I needed, a week of happiness to bring some goodness to October. So yeah, thank you for reading if you made it this far! Have you ever been to Spain before?


Jade xx


  1. I love spain!! My aunty used to live there, you've made me want to go back so much!

    Elish xo

    1. It's so good isn't it! Haha aw, I hope you get to go back soon Elish!

      Jade x ♡

  2. YOU ARE SO PRETTY! Love your hair!!!

    1. Awww thank you so much, lovely!

      Jade x ♡