Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter Wishlist 2014

Hi guys!

So, I have never really done one of these before so it's something a bit different I guess! But yes if I had lots and lots of money (praying this job interview goes well tomorrow..!) this is the selection of items I came up with that would be just ideal for winter! Whether that be jumpers for chilly weather, a Christmas party dress or even a fluffy penguin, I've narrowed down some of my favourites that I'd be all over if money was no object!

1. Sky lilac ripped knee skinnies - Liquor n Poker (£40.00)

Ripped jeans are VERY in right now, and Liquor n Poker specialises in them! I'm not huge on the trend like a lot of girls, but I came across this lilac pair on their site and LOVED them! They were just right for me, with the rips being fairly subtle and lilac being one of my favourite colours, resulting in quite the combination! These would be my top wishlist skinny jeans for sure. I may as well capitalise on the trend before it goes!

2. Monty Medium Plush Toy, H26cm - John Lewis (£12.00)

Who says these wish lists should be restricted to just items you can wear? Unless you've been living under a rock (or boycott every channel minus the BBC), then I'm sure the current John Lewis advert has been extremely omnipresent on your TV right now. We all love a bit of saccharine once in a while, Christmas is always appropriate for that! So of course I fell for the cuteness of the penguins and yes, I want the plush. It's just TOO adorable, no wonder they're sold out!

3. Pink Fluffy Jumper by RedSoul - Tonic Clothing (£55.00)

Yes, so imagining the fact that I don't have £20 to my name right now and money trees were a thing, I LOVE this jumper! Admittedly pink hasn't always been my favourite colour to wear (I'm more of a dark palette kind of girl) but this is just too cute for the winter months! The colour, material and the minimalistic detail are a gorgeous combination, with the bow being a sweet finishing touch! This is where my girly side makes a rare occurrence. Want.

4. Light Beige short coat - H&M (£49.99)

This coat is lush! It took me 17 years but I seem to have finally fallen in love with pink/beige clothing! Not only is it extremely pretty but so smart and chic as well. So many coats out there are also so much more expensive too, so I'd happily buy this.

5. Checked skater dress - Primark (£8.00)

Primark always have such cheap and cheerful items, I adore that you can find great dresses in there for under a tenner! I have so many dresses, although some not quite that wintery, so I really like the check pattern, colouring and sleeve length and think this would be ideal for the upcoming months.

6. Black Chain Buckle Strap Ankle Boots - New Look (£22.99)

I am ALL OVER the black ankle boots in New Look right now; I found myself buying a pair with a buckle very recently. Because I have that pair, it'd be lovely to own a pair like this that have quite a fair amount more detail on them - with two buckles and a chain. Love them!

7. Jolie sequin top skater dress - (£25.00)

It has become evident that I have a thing for skater dresses! I adore them so much though, they flow so nicely on the skirt part. Anyway, Christmas time is always an excuse for glitter and sequins, and with a few parties/meals coming up, this'd be so lovely to wear out! I love the pairing of black and gold (subliminal Sam Sparro reference) and the pattern is so sophisticated.

8. Woolly Vest Sweater by RedSoul - Tonic Clothing (£55.00)

I have gotten into sleeveless jumpers recently, ever since purchasing one in Select. This is GORGEOUS, I adore the grey colouring, subtle swirl pattern and the cute but effective addition of the furry bobble which spruces it up a bit, lovely!

9. Silver Star, Snowflake and Pearl Stud Gift Pack - Claire's Accessories (£6.00)

Claire's was my accessory paradise in my first couple of years of secondary school, but you're never too old for their items! This pack of three stud earrings are dead cute! I actually have a pair of Christmas earrings that are of the dangly variety from a few years ago, with bells attached and all (think Pat Butcher from Eastenders) but they're not the most discreet of earrings. These are SO lovely though, simply cute - the snowflakes in particular will be fab around Christmas time.

10. Rib and Purl Pom Beanie - Accessorize (£15.00)

When browsing winter hats, this was the one that caught my eye the most! I recently bought a jumper from Select that's practically the exact same colour and I just can't stop thinking how cute the combination of them would be! It looks so snug and like the Tonic Clothing sleeveless vest, I adore the addition of the bobble! 

11. White Chunky Lace Up Heeled Boots - New Look (£29.99)

Time to round this off with something a bit more outlandish! I keep seeing Betsy-Blue from Only the Young wearing boots like this on X Factor and I've wanted a similar pair so bad! They're a little scarily high and I doubt I'd have the confidence to wear these during the day, but for night-time they'd be a MUST for me! I love the combination of black and white with the laces for boots, SO lovely, I saved my favourite until last! New Look shoes are doing it for me so much now.

So that's it guys! I really hope you enjoyed this, it was something a bit different for me but was SO much fun to put together, who doesn't love browsing online stores?! But yes it's a really good way to plan ahead for outfits you want instead of aimlessly browsing in a store for four hours. Are there any items here that take your fancy? Also, feel free to comment your own wish lists, I love looking at them for inspiration!


Jade xx


  1. Oh, I could definitely see myself buying that dress. It's so pretty! Good luck on the job interview! :)

    1. I know right?! Brilliant for winter! Thank you so much, lovely!

      Jade x ♡

  2. Hey Jade! <3 Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! It was so sweet! <3

    You have quite the eye for outfits, yourself. Your wishlist is identical to mine! I lovelovelove those boots, though! And I love the dress, too!

    I followed you via Bloglovin' and Google Plus, and it would mean the world if you followed me too (via GFC and Bloglovin')! <3 Cloudy Dreams

    1. Hiya Yasmine! Aw no problem, haha!

      Thank you :D Ooh me too they're SO nice I may have to ask for them for Christmas haha!

      I already follow you on Bloglovin I think? But will follow you on Google+ too! :D

      Jade x ♡

  3. I'm in love with the jumper and the beanie <3 they soo cute!
    Great choices!!
    I would really appreciated, if we could follow each other on BL and GFC!
    So that we can keep in touch, dear. Let me know :)
    xoxo Colli // my little blog - tobeyoutiful // Bloglovin'

    1. Yes I know right, they're amazing - I want to get them both so bad! But yay haha thank you :D I shall follow you right now if I'm not already!

      Jade x ♡

  4. amazing wishlist <3
    Love That ankle boots
    Would u like to follow each other?
    follow me via gfc and i will follow u back for sure (gfc)


    1. Thank you so much, it was so much fun putting it together! The ankle boots are fab, I agree! What is GFC? I will definitely check out your blog right now :)

      Jade x ♡